Perry Company Kubota Excavator





Polycarbonate Windshield

Our dual-sided scratch-resistant polycarbonate windshields provide ultimate protection from the elements and debris. Currently available for the Kubota KX 080-4 in ¼” and ½” thickness for the lower drop in windshield and ½” thickness for the upper windshield with our mechanical fastening system.


Mechanical Fastening System

Our mechanical fastening system is made up of five 14-gauge powder-coated steel retainers with weatherstripping making it the perfect solution to replace the traditional polyurethane adhesive. Cut your lead time into minutes instead of days and replace an unreliable adhesive with our strong system.

Unmatched Durability

The five retainers around the windshield lock the polycarbonate into place removing the possibility of the windshield detaching from hard hits. With our system, you no longer need to worry about the durability of your polyurethane adhesive.